About Us

Spreading the love of Christ house to house

We are a growing network of house churches in Northern California stemming from the east San Francisco Bay area. Whether you are a house church enthusiast looking to connect with a home group near you, or just trying to find out more about the growing house church movement, we invite you to explore this site further.

In this site you can find out more about us; learn about house churches in general and the growing world-wide movement back to a more simple, New Testament Christianity; find the location of a house church meeting near you; discover links to other house church networks and organizations; seek help in establishing your own simple church; or subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter. You will also discover a continually updated prayer list and a news page detailing current and upcoming happenings in our own network and the movement as a whole. We also publish weekly devotional thoughts which can be used for your own edification or as a possible discussion starter for your home group. We welcome your comments on our thoughts blog.

Although our home office is located in Dublin, California, we would love to connect with any other like-minded group in Northern or Central California.